Get to Know Janet

Why do I Coach?

I coach because I have a compassionate heart and I sincerely want to support others in living a life that makes them happy and satisfied. Some of the most rewarding experiences of my life have been watching others surpass their own expectations: I feel deeply privileged to witness those moments that are unexpected, well-earned and incredibly personal.

Here are a few principles that guide my life and my coaching practice:

  • I believe in a greater good. I believe that there is a power that is greater than any one of us and we each choose our own name for that entity.
  • I believe in experiential learning. I whole-heartedly embrace the idea of learning through “doing” and more articulately, by reflecting on the experience.
  • I believe in personal introspection – whatever that is for each of us. In my world, my journal is a sacred place to write, think and dream – it’s for my eyes only. I will never pressure you to share anything you choose to keep to yourself.
  • I believe in respecting boundaries. When I ask for space and set limits – I mean it; when others ask for it, I honour it.
  • I believe there is a place for privacy. Without express permission, files marked “confidential” and closed doors are simply off limits. In this coaching relationship you can bank on me to hold your confidence. I will not share your story anywhere and I give you full permission to talk about the experience of our sessions as you like.
  • I believe that deep-down, you know what is best for you. My practice of co-active coaching is built on the tenant that people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. I trust your judgment.
  • I believe in knowing my own limits. I am neither a therapist nor a medical practitioner, so if I ever feel that we are beyond my capabilities I will compassionately offer you alternate resources of support.
  • I believe this is your time and any tasks you agree to take on between calls are your responsibility and choice. I believe it is my job is to facilitate a reflective conversation and offer you relevant feedback along the way – in whatever way serves you best.

I live and work from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I have both local and international clients; most of my coaching is done by phone, Zoom or Skype. I speak English and I schedule my coaching time in 45-60 min sessions, Monday through Friday (MST).


What are My Coaching Credentials?

I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and member of the International Coach Federation. My credentialing has been attained though coursework with both the Coaches Training Institute and the Centre for Transformational Presence. For over 35 years I have provided leadership in a variety of settings: small businesses, museums, historic sites, theatres, churches, retreat centres, schools, corporations, provincial and federal government offices.


How do I Spend My Free Time?

I am a creative, spirited entrepreneur with experience as a supervisor, manager, mentor and CEO of 2 incorporated businesses and several sole-proprietorships. I have been a national-level competitive athlete, a figure skating coach and an actor. I am a trained seamstress and historical costume designer; my love of fabric and fibre inspires me to explore quilting, traditional rug hooking, knitting, weaving and spinning. I am loyal, patient, composed. I strive to be articulate, caring and supportive.

Oh, I can also drive a Bobcat skid-steer loader and I occasionally blacksmith with my Dad for the fun of hammering on the anvil, getting grimy and playing with fire. One of my favourite places to be is in the right-hand seat of a Cessna –  soaring over Alberta with my pilot-husband.


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