Life is a process.

Life is a process - an ever-evolving set of circumstances and situations. Times change; places and people change. Have you changed? Sometimes it is worth the time and effort to stop and reflect on who you have become while living a busy, varied life. Sometimes competing priorities tangle us up, or we lose our place in scattered thoughts and activities.

As a life coach, I know how to create a space - without judgment - where your hopes, dreams, fears and challenges can be seen and heard. With compassion and heart-felt encouragement, I can facilitate a process that enables you to write your own story and design your own future. Everyone has a unique path to walk -it's just a little more fun and a whole lot less scary to have a companion along the way. I invite you to take a little time to yourself and explore the possibility of life coaching with me.

Clarity. Compassion. Creativity.

Together, we will discover what deeply resonates for you - the things that have meaning and relevance in your life. Your personal values and desires bring focus and purpose to who you are and what you do. Clarity.

I will meet you with an open heart and encourage you to be loving towards yourself and others. By gently exploring your beliefs and perceptions, we will find ways for you to act on what matters most. Compassion.

Every life has its' own colour and texture. With curiosity and reverence (and a little light-hearted playfulness), we will discover and bring the beauty of your world into focus. Creativity.

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MT Janet’s talent for life and leadership coaching is exceptional. I had the opportunity to be a recipient of her skillful coaching when we worked together over several sessions.

Knowing Janet years earlier as a (synchronized skating) teammate, she has always had a professionalism and quiet leadership about her. In our coaching sessions, I was impressed by her ability to create a safe and respectful learning environment while challenging me to shift perspectives and become curious.

She is genuinely dedicated to her practice and her clients. As a life and leadership coach, Janet has my warmest recommendation.

- M.T.
TAW Having a coach like Janet is a gift that is easy to give to yourself - it is like scheduling time each week to plan and prepare your life in an accountable and honest manner. Janet is effortless to talk to and before you know it, time is up and you have a framework for success!

- T.A.W.
KG Janet's coaching style is defined by her talent of "leading from behind". I truly appreciate Janet's warmth and intuition as she uses her deep curiosity to guide our conversations and uncover new insights.

Janet's ability to hold me accountable without judgement has helped me begin to move mountains towards a more purposeful life.

- K.D.T.
FP As a young professional, I am in midst of constant change as I learn more about myself, my future goals, and my career prospects. Speaking to Janet has always been beneficial; she has guided me to step back and look at my problems in another way, ultimately encouraging me to make my own choices by understanding the entirety of my situation.

- F.P.
SM I was a little nervous to attend my first ever life coaching session, but there was no need for nerves.

Janet created a professional and warm environment - posing questions to me that I hadn't considered. I left the session feeling confident that my time spent with her was worthwhile & that the next steps for me to take were not as intimidating as I had first thought.

- S.M.
JK Janet really helped me find clarification on what direction I wanted to take with some personal goals. I have already started making positive changes toward my goals that I don’t know I would have made without her coaching and encouragement.

- J.K.
EB I have only wonderful things to say about my experience with Janet. I really benefited from this journey and it really changed the way I think about things!

- E.B.
SM Thank you so much, Janet, for the time and effort you put into me - I feel like our coaching sessions kick-started my career. You helped me clarify my goals and focus on what is important to me.

- S.M.
LJ Looking back on our time together connecting on the phone –it was a bright spot for me. Your wisdom and energy was palpable through the telephone lines. Through the questions you asked me and the way you delivered thoughtful feedback, I was able to move through some concerns/thoughts/ feelings and sit with “what is” while focusing on my future hopes and dreams. I really appreciate the time we had together. You are a warm, bright, sincere, compassionate and thoughtful coach! Much continued success to you.

- L.J.
KB Janet is truly a dream to work with. Over the course of our coaching relationship, she has helped me get in touch with my own deeper truth and intuition.

While our conversations have the tone of sitting down for coffee with a dear friend, Janet is actually holding great space for me to explore and make huge discoveries. These discoveries have given me the confidence I needed to grow my business and show up in the world in new, impactful ways. I’m so grateful for her curiosity, wisdom, and warmth. These elements are absolutely reflected in her coaching style, which is a perfect fit for anyone looking for a coach who effortlessly blends grace and accountability and draws out the very best from her clients.

- K.B.
MM Janet is a powerful mentor coach who supported me in expanding and deepening my coaching skills and methodology. You hold a great container for “checking off the boxes” for ICF credentialing, while being in flow with my unique coaching expression. I deeply respect and appreciate your loving guidance!

-Marlene M, M.Ed., ACC
AK Janet was absolutely instrumental in helping me feel more confident in my own abilities. Janet was very professional and caring, and I left every session feeling energized, ready to take on whatever it was we were working on.

BL Janet is an extremely gifted coach and leader. Building a relationship with her felt effortless - I found it very easy to be open and vulnerable, and Janet always received me with encouragement, humor and love. I would highly recommend Janet to those seeking trusted guidance and insight navigating life transitions and challenges.

MF As a company we went through a challenging ownership transition and the new share holders wanted to build staff engagement for change. Janet was a key part of a values and strategy program with the whole company. Meetings and seminars were planned through the week and Janet led exercises that challenged and drove introspection with a diverse technically oriented team. Her input on the structure of our program was critical to the success.

BD I have known Janet for 25 years and she is one of the most together people I know. Even in adversity she tackles it head on and has so much life experience. She is organized, warm, funny, SMART, has a beautiful soul and is so welcoming to speak to. She is grounded and if you are looking for Life Coaching, I would highly recommend her. I admire you, Janet!

TE Janet is exceptionally compassionate in her coaching style. During our sessions, I admire her innate ability to hold the space for me to explore my options going forward. I am not an easy fellow as I tend to bounce all over the place in my thoughts and speech. That said, Janet lets me be me then helps to get grounded and focus on what needs to be said and done. The end of each result brings a variety of compelling results. Thank you Janet for helping me to keep and live my life with simplistically, clarity, peace-of-mind and purpose.


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