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Classic Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching can be a whole variety of things, depending on who you talk to. In my practice, I choose it to be about freedom: meaningful conversations that lead to personal awareness, thoughtful choices and decisive action. Sometimes that is a heart-to-heart conversation about what’s important to you and often it’s giving you time and space to process or grieve something you need to lay to rest; it might be about encouraging you to be brave and plan for your next “big thing”. Life coaching is about distilling the truth of what you want or need, listening for what’s emerging and then creating a way to follow it through. Because people bring a wide variety of topics to coaching, the outcome looks different for everyone based on their values, beliefs and goals. The beauty of this style of coaching is that I have the skill and ability to tailor and personalize the process to suit your situation; you get exactly what serves you best.


What does that Look Like?

Do you have someone in your life who can be lovingly up-front and honest with you? I can do that. You bring your ideas, plans, thoughts to the table and I will spend time with you to examine and consider whether those ideas and actions are serving your highest good. It’s not my place to judge you or tell you what to do; it’s my job to stick with you – to acknowledge your journey, challenge and question your perceptions, stir up some good thinking and encourage you to embrace your own sense of freedom. You show up and I will guide the process. You always get to decide on what to do – it’s your experience.

People who hire a life coach often want to better themselves and improve their quality of life: physically, mentally and/or spiritually. They understand that life coaching is not a therapy, advising or counseling service– it is a very supportive, empowering way to look at your future. This kind of investment ensures that you make time – amidst all the various roles you have – to really choose what you want to have happen, or who you want to become. It is an intentional way to hold time and space for yourself to live fully: to be curious, explore, discover and set boundaries so that you can hold onto your own identity and “have it all”, on your terms.

If you are curious about this process of life coaching, let’s have a virtual coffee. I welcome all my new clients with a free consultation – a time to ask questions, clarify expectations and see if we might like to work together.

Whether it’s a business or career aspiration, a personal relationship, a self-care goal, a life transition, or some other scenario, life coaching is highly personal and uniquely suited to you. When you book time with me you get my undivided attention on the call, email support between sessions and encouragement along the way. If you are ready to make something different happen in your life or if you need a little more information to know if this is right for you – let’s make time to talk about it. I will set aside 30 minutes with you for a free consultation; together we can decide if we want to work together and if so, how that can happen; contact me and let’s explore the possibility!


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Looking back on our time together connecting on the phone –it was a bright spot for me.  Your wisdom and energy was palpable through the telephone lines. Through  the  questions you asked me and the way you delivered thoughtful feedback , I was able to move through some concerns/thoughts/ feelings and sit with “what is”  while focusing on my future hopes and dreams.  I really appreciate the time we had together.  You are a warm, bright, sincere, compassionate and thoughtful coach!  Much continued success to you.

Lisa Jenkins, M. Ed
Project Coordinator at Perkins International, Perkins School for the Blind
Watertown, MA, USA

As a young professional, I am in midst of consistant change as I learn more about myself, my future goals, and my career prospects. Speaking to Janet has always been beneficial; she has guided me to step back and look at my problems in another way, ultimately encouraging me to make my own choices by understanding the entirety of my situation.

Florance Park
Industrial Engineering Student at Dalhousie University
Halifax, NS CAN

Janet’s coaching style is defined by her talent of “leading from behind”. I truly appreciate Janet’s warmth and intuition as she uses her deep curiousity to guide our conversations and uncover new insights. Janet’s ability to hold me accountable without judgement has helped me begin to move mountains towards a more purposeful life.

Kimberley Dawn Thurn
Business Success Coach at KD and You Coaching Ltd.
Calgary, AB CAN

Having a coach like Janet is a gift that is easy to give to yourself – it is like scheduling time each week to plan and prepare your life in an accountable and honest manner. Janet is effortless to talk to and before you know it, time is up and you have a framework for success!

Terri-Ann Winfield
Edmonton, AB CAN

Janet’s talent for life and leadership coaching is exceptional.  I had the opportunity to be a recipient of her skillful coaching when we worked together over several sessions.  Knowing Janet years earlier as a (synchronized skating) teammate, she has always had a professionalism and quiet leadership about her.  In our coaching sessions, I was impressed by her ability to create a safe and respectful learning environment while challenging me to shift perspectives and become curious.  She is genuinely dedicated to her practice and her clients.  As a life and leadership coach, Janet has my warmest recommendation.

Monique Trudel
Advisor, Talent Development and Learning Services at Alberta Health Services
Edmonton, AB CAN

I have only wonderful things to say about my experience with Janet. I really benefitted from this journey and it really changed the way I think about things!


Janet really helped me find clarification on what direction I wanted to take with some personal goals. I have already started making positive changes toward my goals that I don’t know I would have made without her coaching and encouragement.

Jill Knight
Rossland, BC CAN

I was a little nervous to attend my first ever life coaching session, but there was no need for nerves. Janet created a professional and warm environment – posing questions to me that I hadn’t considered. I left the session feeling confident that my time spent with her was worthwhile & that the next steps for me to take were not as intimidating as I had first thought.


Thank you so much, Janet, for the time and effort you put into me – I feel like our coaching sessions kick-started my career. You helped me clarify my goals and focus on what is important to me.


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