Life is a journey - an ever-evolving set of circumstances and situations. Times change; places and people change. Have you changed? Sometimes it is worth the time and effort to stop and reflect on who you have become in the process of living a busy, varied life. Are you making the choices today that will lead you to the destination you want in the future?

As a life coach, I know how to create a space - without judgement - where your hopes, dreams, fears and challenges can be seen and heard. With compassion and heart-felt encouragement, I can facilitate a process that will enable you to re-calibrate your internal compass and find your "true north". Everyone has a unique path to walk -it's just a little more fun and a whole lot less scary to have a companion along the way. I invite you to take a little time to yourself and explore the possibility of life coaching with me.


Together, we will discover what deeply resonates for you - the things that have meaning and relevance in your life. Your personal values and desires bring focus and purpose to who you are and what you do. Clarity.

I will meet you with an open heart and encourage you to be loving towards yourself and others. By gently exploring the beliefs and perceptions you hold, we will find ways for you to act on what matters most. Compassion.

Just as a pebble dropped into water creates expanding ripples, so do our thoughts and actions. Concentric circles of energy radiate into our relationships and daily living. Purposefully, we will find that grace and dignity. Connection.

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