A Serendipitous Exchange…

I hold space for creative arrangements in my business. From time to time, I have clients who offer up alternate value exchanges for my coaching services and if it works for the two of us – why not?

Over the years, I have been paid in gift cards, flowers/plants, specialty coffee beans, handmade items, event tickets, artwork, and credit for various local services. (There have been some very novel ideas!) I don’t do ALL of my work this way, but I do keep a margin of my coaching time to allow for this way of offering service to clients who have skills and other products that have value to me and who are respectful of my time and abilities in a money-less exchange.

Why do I do this? Because I believe mutually beneficial exchanges build trust and respect.  Sometimes it is a “testing ground” for both of us – we want to explore coaching possibilities without any outlay of money.  Sometimes it is just whimsical and fun – a great way to share our personal interests and abilities. (I’m always curious about the hobbies and businesses my clients are involved with and it feels good to support them when it is appropriate.) Sometimes it is truly an exchange of luxuries neither of us could comfortably afford otherwise. I could not sustain my business entirely on this model, but a hybrid of reciprocal exchange and regular currency seems to invoke a sense of serendipity and gratitude – I like it!

I work virtually and if you would like an accountability partner or life coach for a few hours – send me a message. If you have a suggestion for a reciprocal talent or product exchange, let’s chat!

What skills and abilities do you value in yourself, and how do they show up in your everyday relationships?