Back-to-School Special 2016

September is here and if you are starting a new term at university, college or perhaps embarking on a practicum placement I  invite you to consider coaching as part of your back-to-school routine. (Even if you are not headed back to the classroom, but you are looking to learn something new… here’s an opportunity!)


What would it be like to…

BALANCE studies, fitness, work and home life?

Build DREAMS on your own strengths and talents?

Create a STRONG VISION for your studies and/or career?

Spend your TIME AND MONEY in healthy ways?


I, too, am in “learning-mode” and working hard to earn my International Coaching Federation credentials this fall. In order to fulfill my own practicum requirements I am offering a “Back-to-School Special” to those who are willing to team up with me for a minimum of 10 coaching sessions over the next 3-6 months.  Weekly or biweekly appointments are available and I offer on-going email support between sessions. Call to chat about the details and feel free to forward this info to anyone you think might be well-served by coaching.

(Am I willing to barter? Absolutely – let me know what you might like to exchange as currency!) Do I take Visa or MasterCard? You bet. Cash and e-transfer are fine as well.

Offer Expires Nov 1, 2016

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