Being Grounded

Being grounded has various meanings, depending on the context: to a pilot it might mean “not flying”, to a rebellious youngster it might mean “reduced privileges”. To those of us in the field of energy work – it is about anchoring oneself in the present and being self-aware in a calm, focussed manner.img_0028

The “Tree Pose” in yoga uses the imagery of both standing tall and sending deep, strong roots through the soles of the feet to create balance and stability on the mat. So it is in life-coaching work. Often mentors will use this term to encourage clients to settle into a state of clarity and balance, so that the work being done is very intentional and rooted – so to speak – in what is valuable to the client.

There is nothing magic about this state; although it is a skill to cultivate and practice. Visualization techniques abound for grounding exercises; a simple google-search will bring up hundreds of thousands of entries. Although many will suggest these techniques are for high stress and anxiety situations – just as effectively, grounding is a practice for every-day living. If you have ever paused, taken a deep breath and then moved into some activity – that was grounding.


What invincible power would you have if you were well-grounded and knew you could accomplish anything you set your mind to? Shoot me an email and share your thoughts.




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