Calling Creatives!

I am an ICF (ACC) credentialled Life Coach and I have been coaching professionally for several years. I have a visible presence on my website, but what isn’t so obvious online is that during the pandemic I have become increasingly active with my fibre arts in the creative community. Unexpectedly, my two worlds (art and business) recently collided – with serendipitous and highly productive results! Coaching “creatives” was not initially in my plan, but it is hard to ignore the imaginative and artistic work surfacing in the world right now. I’ve noticed people are:
    • looking to invest in their own skills
    • hoping to expand a hobby into supplemental income
    • moving a hobby into a full-time business

At different times in my life, I have successfully done all three.

In light of this, I’ve decided to offer creative coaching sessions to those interested and intentional about developing their artwork, writing, music, yoga – whatever you do – into something more! If you are interested, connect with me. Let’s get creative and get through this together.


What’s the question you most wish to be asked? What would bring your deepest wish to the surface and give you joy?