Focus on the Horizon!

hillI was faced with trudging up this hill today on my morning walk. It was tempting to just flop down, stare at the overcast sky and figure out another route. The picture doesn’t do the hill justice; it was about a 65% grade. However, as I puffed up the incline, I had this vague recollection of the mantra my Running Room instructor used to tell us when we were doing hill training: “Focus on the horizon!”

Firstly, by standing tall and aligning your posture you are much less likely to be injured on this kind of a specific run (or hike!) When your head is over  your spine and your chest is open, you have room to breathe deeply and efficiently. When your shoulders are relaxed and your chin is up, your vision naturally settles on the horizon.

Ha! What a great metaphor for coaching!

So it is with fulfilling personal goals, aspirations and dreams – they all start with aligning your values, taking a deep breath and relaxing into what is happening. Only then is it possible to hold the vision that will take you to the finish line – or in my case, to the top of the hill!

Yes, it takes some self-management to keep going. Yes, it takes curiosity to seek what is over the top of the hill. And yes, we are naturally creative, resourceful and whole people. THIS we can do!

Rest assured, when we get to our destination we will slow down and appreciate the view. We will notice our own strength and if there is energy left, we will do our own happy-dance!


What bold action would you like to take; what new challenge could you set your sights on? I would be glad to make the trek with you; just say the word!




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