My friend, Rick Tamlyn, passionately advocates for everyone he meets to find his or her compelling purpose.  Play Your Bigger Game is the tool he co-created to encourage others to embrace an inspiring life. I was first introduced to this powerful methodology at a coach training in Calgary, AB; it has been a staple in my coaching repertoire ever since. As Rick says, “It takes 9-minutes to learn and a lifetime to live”.

One of the squares on the modified tic-tac-toe game-board is labeled GULP.  Rick comments on the video, “If it’s not a big enough ‘Gulp!” then it’s not a big enough game”.

Truth be told, I have been living like a goldfish the last couple of weeks. Gulp after gulp, I have been moving towards branding my coaching practice. Incrementally, I have been letting go of some of my outdated and ineffective marketing techniques and gently easing into some new ways of navigating the waters of websites and modern technology. Wow; it is exhilarating and exhausting at the same time! Some days I feel like I am in way over my head and other days it goes swimmingly.

Putting myself out there – here are three things I know for sure:

  1. I’m out of my comfort zone and becoming more visible. Sometimes life DOES feel like a fishbowl; people are noticing what I’m doing!
  2. I’m on a huge learning curve. It’s not easy and it is not fast but I know how to be patient and give myself permission to play as I become competent.
  3. I’m OK. I am still the same “Janet” and this new branding style is simply aligning the visual presence I want to bring into the world. Watch for it – it will be worth the wait!

Which brings me to this question:

What are you standing on the edge of that would take a “Gulp” to set in motion?

Go ahead and test out your own “Gulp” moment! Feel the excitement, experience a little adrenalin and let the thrill of something new lead you forward. Enjoy the fun of your own bigger game – and if you feel inclined to coach through a few of the boxes on the gameboard feel free to call and book an appointment!

Image copyright: Rick Tamlyn