Half Awake…

Carson Pegasus trip 108Summer mornings bring those hazy awakenings: soft light, heavy lids, sometimes even a wispy breeze through an open window or the lure of coffee and bacon seeping into your consciousness. What wakes you up?

And then, what “wakes you up” in the sense of awareness to Life? Is it a little voice in your head, a window of time, an illness, someone else’s example or simply that you know something needs to change?

Coaching is a safe place to explore “waking up” – opening to a whole new world of potential. It really is all about  you.  Uncovering what motivates you to get out of bed in the morning can be a game-changer. When you take the time to stretch a little and open your eyes to the opportunity that wants to happen, you will be amazed at how things begin to come into focus and possibilities start to emerge.

So, what’s your day look like? And even more pointedly, what would you like it to look like?


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