Head Space vs Holding Space…

In a conversation yesterday, I inadvertently blurted out the phrase “head space” instead of “holding space”. It was humourous at the time and I laughed it off; however, on reflection, I realized there was some truth in my blunder. At the time, I was talking about “holding space” for myself and really, the gist of what was happening was that my “head space” was getting in the way!

We all have default settings under stress and pressure; mine is to expand my thinking and analyzing – head space. My tactic works for the most part, yet it is only one of several intelligences I might consult in a time of need. I’ve discovered it takes intentional effort to ponder alternative angles, so that other possibilities can emerge.

My heart, for instance, often has the emotional input that could inform a decision more effectively. My choice of action or decision might be more closely aligned to my values if I paused to consider the most healthy, loving option within my circumstance.

Likewise, my gut is an incredible wealth of knowledge. Some of the most profound and revealing decisions in my life just “felt right” – or were appropriately dismissed when they made me “feel queasy” or “sick to my stomach”. By pausing to take a breath and a read on my inner resources, I might have a more complete picture for decision-making.

Head. Heart. Gut. These are three physical intelligences that are readily available to me anytime – anywhere – if I am serious about “holding space” for myself.


What’s your default setting? What intelligence do you lean on most, or might you consider more often?

Photo Credit: Clint Adair