It’s All in the Wording!


“So, what do you want to do now?”

That question opens doors and closes people down faster than anything I know. It amazes me how brilliant minds get stuck and all of us at one time or another just blurt out “I don’t know”. And we mean it; we really don’t know the answer.

What if we tweaked the phrase to read: “What wants to happen now?” Does it change it up a little for you? It sure does for me. Now, I can just take a deep breath and let something bubble up that may or may not make sense in the moment, but my intuitive mind is engaged. I am scanning a whole lot more options that I was in the first question. No longer am I on the hook to pick something big and important; rather, I am able to consider everything from walking away, to taking a rest, to climbing Mount Everest – it’s outside of me and the judgement evaporates. It is whatever the universe wants to have happen: it could be anything.

The key is that in the end, I get to choose from the options and in the choosing there is personal power. In the choice I find momentum and direction. It’s easy to dismiss the effect of a few words and think not much changed – but something is different. Shifting my perception and opening the window of opportunity is a BIG step forward.

And so from that place, I ask you: “What wants to happen now?” What would you like to shift and take action on?


Photo Credit: Csabi Elter

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