“Let Hunger Come”

Have you ever just wanted to hurry life along, get things moving or push for something to happen a little sooner? At different times in my life, I dreamed of being able to drive a car, for my kids to be old enough to do some things independently, for something new opportunities to appear on the career horizon. Often it felt like I was waiting forever.

Yesterday a friend uttered these three words: “Let hunger come.” His words hung in mid-air while I took a breath. Of course; some things cannot be rushed – they just take time.

Perhaps the relationship between eating and waiting for hunger is a helpful metaphor to understand the connection between a personal desire and time it takes for the potential to emerge. Like learning to drive, transitioning into empty-nesting, finding a new job – maybe it all just comes in good time?

Perhaps granting some time and space between what I have and what I desire, allows a curiosity or interest to grow that I might otherwise have missed. By giving myself permission to get really hungry before I make a choice or force a decision, I might actually nurture something greater to grow in that liminal, in-between space.


Where do you need to simply “let hunger come”? What is your world needs time to rest and build into something more meaningful?

Photo credit: Rokeolana Zasiadko