Prickly Days

We all have our prickly days.

Meet my little friend, Bandit. He came to us as a tiny 6-week old rescue, literally scared of his own shadow. He had been given very little attention and was terrified of being touched or contacting anything new – including food or water.

If I think back, there have been many times in my life that I was not so different in temperament to this little nocturnal creature. Left to my own devices I am curious, I love to nap, I really enjoy a good snack – but pushed beyond my limits, I curl into a metaphorical ball and put out my spikes. My-kind-of-prickly runs on a continuum from disapproving looks to defensive withdraw and occasionally, like any hedgehog, antagonized to my outer boundaries I will lash out or resort to biting (words).

How do you respond to daily stresses? What causes you to bristle and huff?

Similar to this little guy, in super-charged environments I need some space. Given a little breathing room and minimal prodding I can relax into my own capabilities. I can bolster up a little bravery, approach a new situation in my own time and way, and I can usually overcome the challenge. A little encouragement, a little cheer-leading and a little quiet acknowledgement go a long way in supporting my insecurity.

What about you? How do you hold onto in your worry or fear? Who or what coaxes you back into your own wisdom and action?

It’s dawning on me, as I learn to live with this small pet, that we all have our prickly days. And, not surprisingly, when we learn to relax and soften our quills it becomes easier to hold and be held. That skill can be learned and it’s most definitely been part of my own journey  as a client, a coach and Bandit’s caregiver. If you’re inclined, book a Discovery Call and let’s chat about this prickly business.