Resilience Life Coaching Program – Summer 2024

Summer is often a time for relaxation; for many, it is also a perfect time for reflection and new activities. I am personally in the midst of a specialty coaching course on Resilience and working towards my next-level professional coaching credential (PCC) with the International Coaching Association. It is a big, fun learning curve and one of the requirements is to add 200+ hours to my coaching log.

How lucky for you! 

To make headway on this ambitious goal, I decided to create a bespoke coaching program that would invite clients to play and learn in the leisurely summer months. I hope it appeals to you.

My Resilience Life Coaching program is a suite of (3) 45-minute sessions. These private and confidential sessions will be held on Zoom or by phone. These sessions are open to anyone, but I do require a short phone or Zoom conversation to confirm that we are on the same page regarding expectations and commitment.

I am specifically looking for individuals who would like to coach on the following topics:
  • Sleeping well
  • Eating consciously
  • Active living and movement
  • Breathing/ mindfulness practice
  • Living with intention…
  • OR – any other focus we mutually agree upon

The $150 enrollment fee is due by e-transfer before our first appointment and all sessions must be booked and completed on or before August 15th.  Any sessions not completed by midnight, Aug 15, 2024, will be forfeited.

If you are interested please connect with me and we will get started. My calendar is open and I hope we can pencil in a few times to meet over the summer months!


What if you could build a mindset and set of habits to thrive in times of stress; how would that change your life?