What’s Going On?

Over the months of being home-bound and sheltering from COVID 19, I have enjoyed the comfy cocoon of my home. It’s been a bit of a luxury to dabble in crafting and sleep in (or nap) as I desire. I’ve had time to cook elaborate dishes and bake new concoctions. Grocery shopping and errands are nearly non-existent and with two able-bodied adults at home, the housework is pretty much caught-up. I have been productive, but in short, I am craving something “more”; I miss my virtual coaching work.

I am very aware of this shift in energy. Clarity. Compassion. Connection. Those three words have been my guiding light for as long as I can recall – they define who I choose to be and how I choose to operate in the world. In all the roles I play – daughter, mom, wife, partner, friend, business woman – I hold those values dear. So, what’s happening now; what’s going on?

Many of my clients and subscribers know that I scaled back my coaching work after my Mom passed away last spring. I thoroughly enjoyed time to be with my Dad and sisters and to travel and let the healing happen as it does – in its’ own time. It was a gift and one of the many blessings of having my own business to have that freedom. As time has moved on, I wonder if I am telling myself a story in order to stay safe, to stay comfortable and to stay put? It’s an easy routine, but it is increasingly becoming “not me”. At first, I resisted reviving my virtual coaching calls; I clung to the idea that in this time of restraint, clients would not be willing to pay for my services. Then I hung my inactivity on the idea that I needed more training. Then, I wondered if I was lazy? And THEN, it just dawned on me… perhaps this is simply the ebb and flow of life.

Emotionally, I sense that I initially closed myself down to additional input as I found my own “new-normal” – first in grief and then in a pandemic environment. Now that I have some sense of how my days are unfolding, it makes sense that I have interest and ability to expand my coaching work again and not overwhelm myself. We all have thresholds of capacity; respecting those limits takes patience and courage.

What are you ready to embrace and let expand in your life?

If you’re interested in figuring it out or think you might like a little coaching to help make it happen, book a Discovery Call and let’s talk about what’s going on!