With Gratitude – Meet Devon!

In the spirit of loving-kindness and with much gratitude, I want to introduce you to one of my virtual “Board of Directors”. Although I do not host formal meetings of any kind with this ad-hoc group, Devon regularly adds inspiration and creativity to my company-building activities.

First up, Devon is a marvelous web-developer. This guy is amazingly patient, he speaks in layman terms and he has a well-rounded take on life. As a programming-minded, coffee-loving individual, he connects with me often to sustain my online presence and my general love of life.Image result for quote on moments that take your breath away

Devon is an avid “footie” player, skips a curling team and knows a lot about craft beers. He is one of those charismatic people who naturally encourages others to stand taller and reach further into the community. And, he would tell you his favourite saying is attached to the luggage tag on his suitcase; it sums up his sense of wonder.

If you are interested, check out his work on my website and then click through and have a peek at his own site at  devonwaldon.com. I think you’ll be impressed!


If you could invite a dream-team of inspirational people to sit at your imaginary board-room table, who would you choose to include?

Photo credit to Paperleaf/ Disclaimer – YES, Devon is my son!