Work vs Play

There is something enviable about being able to order a coffee, snap up a corner window seat and settle into “work”. It feels more like PLAY!  🙂


I realize I am moving into a new era of entrepreneurship. This new industry I have joined has a different set of rules; in fact, there are no rules! What used to seem like work is now simple, mobile and relaxing. I feel very fortunate to have chosen a career that comes naturally to me – an “effortless effort” as my yoga instructor would say. And, most of all I am grateful for the freedom that comes with setting my own hours, work-space and choice of clients.

So here I am, writing the first series of blogs from my favorite coffee place – on my tablet, with great company and good music surrounding me. Welcome, and I hope you will subscribe or come back and visit often. 

As I settle in, I am contemplating work vs play. What makes the difference for you?


Photo Credit: Green Chameleon

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